Quick Tips to Form Healthy Habits


If you’re struggling to make exercise a habit, the following tips can help put you on the right path to becoming a consistent exerciser.

1. Know your best time.

Everyone is different when it comes to when they prefer to work out. It’s hard to cement an exercise habit if your workout times are completely random or simply fit into your spare time. First, figure out what time of day you feel or perform your best. Once you nail down your best time, be consistent to form a workout habit. (more…)

Has Public Health Ever Affected A Population-Based Increase in Activity?

pag-midcourse-report-infographicLast week I read a piece in the New York Times that spoke to the seemingly impossible task of getting people to move more.

And there has been no shortage of efforts. From school-based efforts that despite absolutely increasing school-based activity levels didn’t lead to increased overall activity levels (as kids more active at school were found to be less active out of school), to the regular publication of national guidelines (more…)