Getting to the Root Cause – Caring for Your Health, Naturally

Through our comprehensive combination of safe and effective natural healthcare methodologies, we have consistent success in assisting our clients in restoring health and maintaining overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

If you are suffering from chronic ailments and willing to adjust your lifestyle to regain your health, we can offer guidance in helping you identify the root cause of your health problems, achieve balance, avoid detrimental toxins, obtain proper nourishment and support your innate immune system – allowing your body to heal naturally.

Our focus is to partner with you in balancing the three main components to total wellbeing and enjoyment of life.


Mental Health

Healthcare providers generally agree that mental health includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Mental health is important at every stage of one’s life . . .

Physical Health

Physical health is critical for overall wellbeing and is the most outwardly visible of the three primary dimensions of health. Some of the most obvious and serious signs . . .

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives. Significantly, it has been long recognized that you can improve . . .

We are here for YOU!

We offer monthly seminars on a variety of topics for our clients as well as convenient office and practitioner hours to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules.

Upcoming Seminars

November 15 | How do we Really Heal?
Part 1 of 2
January 17 | How do we Really Heal?
Part 2 of 2


Office Hours

Monday:  9am – 5pm
Tuesday:  9am – 4pm
Wednesday:  9am – 5pm
Thursday:  9am – 4pm
Friday:  closed
Saturday (1st & 3rd):  8am – 12pm
Sunday:  closed

Muscle Smith Hours
Monday:  8am – 5pm
Tuesday:  8am – 4pm
Thursday:  8am – 5pm

Practitioner Hours

Monday:  9am – 4pm
Tuesday:  10am – 2pm
Wednesday:  9am – 4pm
Thursday:  9am – 3pm
Friday:  closed
Saturday:  closed
Sunday:  closed


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