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2018 Fall Seminar Series

All of our seminars are from 7:00 – 8:30 pm on the third Thursday of the month. Detailed therapy descriptions and benefits presented by Dr. Christine Stueve DPSc, PhD, ND, DMBM and staff.

To register for free seminars in this series, please use the Registration Form below, sign up at the front desk or call 952-681-2916.

September 20 | Phototherapy: New at Sano! Phototherapy supports the unblocking of energy pathways to assist in decreasing restriction in tissues, pain and detoxification. Benefits include better sleep and improved mood. The groundbreaking technology allows for light receptors in the skin to signal the nervous system and break up the blockages. Come learn how this therapy can support your healing journey!

October 18 | Reflex Integration: Reflexes are foundational in human development. Stress and trauma in-utero and early stage development can hinder one’s ability to integrate critical reflex communication from the brain to the body. Some of the many benefits of reflex integration are improving unstable emotional responses, memory deficits, spatial orientation, comprehension, learning challenges, tendency toward addiction, self regulation and hormone production.

November 15 | Stealth Pathogens: Thriving In The World Around Us While Understanding Characteristics Of Stealth Pathogens Our environment is always assessed by way of frequency through our energy systems. When communication and body systems are optimally functioning, the body adapts and handles pathogens appropriately. But, what if my body is tired, stressed and experiencing symptoms….come find out how to walk in victory!

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Sept 20 - PhototherapyOct 18 - Reflex IntegrationNov 15 - Stealth Pathogens